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Mercedes introduced the already insanely good looking CLA coupe in 2013 and followed it up with the shooting break edition in 2015. The new design theme it introduced was a preview of what would later be adopted for many subsequent model launches from the Stuttgart brand.

With it’s already stunning lines, relatively compact size (for an executive coupe) and surprisingly low price tag (it has the cheapest entry price of all mercedes models in the US) it is a perfect candidate for aftermarket styling and tuning. It has been touted as the most successfull model launch by Mercedes for the last 20 years and is being produced in more than 100,000 units each year, so it checks all the boxes for becoming a future styling classic.

The aftermarket has already stepped up to provide some great kits, so without further ado, here are the top 5 bodykits available for the CLA in 2016!

5: Brabus

Brabus CLA Body Kit

Subtle and refined as always, the Brabus kit adds that little bit of extra punch without scaring kids and old ladies on the sidewalks. No fangs or table size wings, just a refined twist on the canvas of the original.

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4: Piecha

Piecha CLA Body Kit

Piecha design’s kit is perhaps the most masculine on the list, so if that’s what you are after, you know where to go!

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3: Carlsson

Carlsson CLA Body KitCarlsson’s contribution goes in different direction and expands more on the executive than the coupe part of the model class, somehow making the CLA look a meter longer and $50,000 more expensive.

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2: Loewentsein

Loewenstein CLA Body Kit

Loewenstein Manufaktur has several kits available for the CLA. Our favorite is this absolutely stunning head turner with an almost muscle car look called the Saphir.

Manufacturers site

1: Enlaes

Enlaes CLA Body Kit

This one just hits all the notes, adding performance, exclusivity and style in one seamless package.  Difficult to even find any information about on this world wide webby thing, we urge you to let Enlaes know directly that they can have your hard earned cash in exchange for this masterpiece!

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That was our roundup of the five best kits you can currently get for the CLA. Check out the other brands and kits available right here, or just start typing away and vent your frustration with our selections in the comments below!